Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Alltop and Over The Top

Guy Kawasaki's new Feeder-Portal, Alltop is amazing. Pick a category from Autos to Windows and you'll instantly see a selection of 30 - 80 of the hottest feeds in that category from around the web.

For example, I clicked on Careers and found Career Hub, The HR Daily Advisor, The HR Capitalist and Escape from Cubicle Nation among sixty some other websites and blogs on enhancing your career. It's almost overwhelming.

It's so simple, it's sick. But fair warning: it's an enormous time-sucker. You could spend all day and night here reading some fabulous posts. But I'm impressed with how well it is organized and what a wonderful resource it is to have these sites collected in one location ... and I think you will be too.

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DeliciousDingleBerry said...

Why do you post blogs?Noone wants to read this shit..maybe a piece of shit but not me